What’s going through your mind just now?

Is something bothering you?

Many people seek help to change. Others seek to change how they are being helped.

Help has changed. Meet

Method of Levels (MOL)

Attentive Therapist

An innovative Cognitive Model,

the "Method of Levels" (MOL)

MOL is a powerful, efficient and effective Transdiagnostic Cognitive Therapy. MOL allows people to connect with their internal resources in a generative and enduring way, promoting their own personal recovery. The starting point of MOL is personal subjective experience: assisting people to expand their consciousness and increase the interconnection of their inner world, MOL allows them to generate a different sense of personal difficulties, forging new and more satisfying lives.

Looking Up

This is the first time

I talk this much about my life.

I find it useful and it helps”.


-  JB

Our Services


Discovery Talks (DOTS)

Joining the DOTS: Talk to a MOL specialist about any topic: it can be an idea, some difficulty or any problem,

without the need to start a course of therapy.

sesión de terapia

Method of Levels (MOL) 
Psychological Therapy

Explore your difficulties and conflicts 

and discover new perspectives

Reunión creativa

Joining the DOTS for Business

For companies that want to think better.

Discover how to frame and solve business problems through deeper questioning 

Doctor's Appointment

Consultation with a Psychiatrist

Talk to a Method of Levels (MOL)-trained psychiatric physician

Client-Led Approach

Just what you want to talk about

The content of the MOL session is led 100%  by you.

The content of the MOL session is directed

100% for you.

whenever you want

MOL doesn't require a fixed frecuency, or fixed number of sessions. You can attend whenever  is ok with you.

With whoever you want

In MOL you can see the same professional, or you can change it as many times as you need. 

 evidence-based APPROACH

MOL is an evidence-based approach, with a robust theoretical and scientific development.

Our team

Matias Salgado

Clinical Director

Psychologist, BSc (Hons) (UBA).

Clinical Psychologist (GCBA).

CBT Therapist (UNMdP / AIGLE Foundation).

Clinical Psychologist at Dr E. Tornu Hospital 

Former Resident and Head of Residents at Dr E. Tornu Hospital 

Former Clinical psychologist in training, Centre for Anxiety and Trauma Disorders, Maudsley Hospital, London, UK.

Ana Faillace 4x4_edited_edited.jpg

Ana Faillace

Clinical Psychologist

in training

Psychologist, BSc

Clinical Psychologist in training (GCBA)
Hospital General de Agudos E. Tornú
Lecturer "Habilitación Profesional II" (UB)

Lecturer "Sexuality and Health" (UB)
Volunteer at San Camilo Hospice


Raul salgado

Business Director 

Psychologist, BSc (UADE)

Business Administration BSc (UBA).

Executive Manager at Acindar.

Postgraduate in Consumer Behavior and Digitization The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania USA.

Innovation Specialist - MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management.

Natalia Fantacone.png

Natalia Fantacone

Medical Coordinator

Psychiatrist (UBA)
Psychiatrist at Dr E. Tornu Hospital 
Former Resident at Dr E. Tornu Hospital 
Senior Lecturer Mental Health - UBA.
Lecturer - Psychiatry at Lanari Hospital Academic Unit (UBA)
Psychiatrist (Universidad del Salvador)
Psychiatrist at FORO Foundation 
Psychiatrist at La Casita Foundation 
Industrial Engineer (UCA)


Training in Method of Levels (MOL)

Profesor sonriente
Business Meeting

Theoretical and practical training

in "Method of Levels" (MOL)

Training for Beginner, Intermediate,

and Advanced Therapists, and for

all health professionals.

Clinical Supervisions
and Training sessions

Group and individual supervisions.

Ask better questions

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What can I expect from MOL therapy?

You can expect a therapy which will allow you the time and space to talk through your dificulties. At each session you can choose whatever aspect of your dificulties you want to talk about, and your therapist will ask you questions about the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.

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Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 7 pm (UK GMT+0)

2395 Congreso Ave (Zip Code: 1429)

Buenos Aires City, Argentina


Tel: + 5411-4703-1258

WhatsApp : + 54911-6584-8358


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